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By providing a “space to grow” for guests, the opportunity exists for an unlimited number of people to deepen their relationship with God; find God and good in all things; bring faith and justice to our world.

Peter Canisius House, a work of the Australian Jesuit Province, is a facility for adult retreats, youth ministry, spiritual conversations, faith formation, staff professional development, conferences, in-service training and workshops.

As with all ministries of the Australian Jesuits, our guiding values are based upon us being “Welcoming, Discerning and Courageous”. Our staff aspire to embody these values as our guiding principles and, in doing so, endeavour to provide welcome hospitality and make wise, brave decisions that steer us towards our vision.

Essentially any individual or group is able to stay at Peter Canisius House.

Individuals staying at our site would be expected to engage in a reflective process of some type, either a personal or group retreat. Most individuals who are having private retreats would be guided by a Spiritual Director during their stay with us. Directors are available via the Centre of Ignatian Spirituality; some retreatants provide their own director.

A group that stays at Peter Canisius House would have an organised program for their activities whilst staying with us. This may or may not involve leaving the premises to go out during the day/night. Some groups engage in silent retreats, others participate in directed retreats, some have induction days, planning days, team-building days, board meetings, future strategy sessions, information sharing events, movie discussion meetings. The use of the facilities is only limited by our imaginations and we are open to any use of the site once it meets our criteria for respecting the reflective sense of the space that is offered.

Please call our office on 02 9488 4524 to discuss any questions you may have regarding the use of the site.


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