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Would you like tea/coffee on arrival ($3.00+GST per person) to be supplied for your group?
Do you require exclusive use of our facilities ($500.00+GST per day) for the duration of your booking?
Do your guests require single occupancy of bedrooms and/or ensuite bathrooms (both subject to availability and additional charges)?
If yes, please supply details in Special Requests box below. 

Will your group be participating in a Silent Retreat at Canisius? Yes
If "yes", is this silence for the duration of the entire retreat? Yes

Special requests: (eg. white board required, chairs in circle in meeting room, whole group vegetarian etc.)

I agree to the Terms and Conditions below:

Peter Canisius House takes responsibility for:

  1. Providing reasonable facilities to suit the expressed needs of the booking.
  2. Ensuring clean and comfortable facilities upon arrival and during the guests’ visit.
  3. Providing satisfactory meals and catering for specific dietary requirements given advance notice (14 days).
  4. Any services offered at time of booking in writing.
  5. Providing the name, room location on site and phone number of the On-duty contact person to assist guests.

The Coordinator of the Group takes responsibility for:

  1. Payment of the Non-Refundable and Non-Transferrable 20% Deposit to secure the facilities of Peter Canisius House.
  2. Contacting the Bookings Officer/Reception at least 14 days prior to arrival to
    a) Confirm updated group numbers. Subject to availability numbers can be increased leading up to arrival.
    b) Provide a registration list of full names of all guests, sign relevant Fire Warden documentation.
    c) Provide a list of any specific dietary requirements/medical conditions of which we should be aware.
    d) Provide a copy of the program you will be following whilst on site.
  3. Payment of a $50+GST administration fee may apply if the above condition (b) is continually overlooked and/or when multiple changes are made to the booking within 14 days of arrival.
  4. Payment of a fee equaling 50% of the loss of anticipated earnings if the group reduces its numbers attending by 10% or more compared to the original number given on the booking form.
  5. The group organiser takes responsibility for being (or nominating) a member of the group to be the Warden and nominate a second person as a Deputy Warden.  This involves taking responsibility to read, understand and sign the role requirements as outlined in the Peter Canisius House evacuation procedure.  This also includes maintaining and having in their possession during their stay, an accurate list of their group members staying overnight and immediately informing the Peter Canisius House on-duty contact person if any changes are made to the guest number, rooming or newly arriving guests.
  6. Attending to any First Aid requirements for the group.
  7. Payment of any remaining amounts upon arrival at Peter Canisius House.
  8. Arriving on site prior to your group, become familiar with the facilities booked so you can effectively meet and greet your group.
  9. Overall management of the group unless facilitation is negotiated with Peter Canisius House. This includes:
    a) Supervision at meal times and during the minimal clean up associated with meals;
    b) Ensuring AV equipment, lights, fans and heaters etc. are switched off when not in use, especially at night;
    c) Ensuring that dirty crockery is not left in any common area and taken to dining room trolley
  10. Being mindful at all times that our Retreat Centre is a quiet space in communal areas.  We ask for an attitude of reverence in the Chapel, which may be used by all denominations.  Quiet sharing sessions are permitted.
  11. Ensuring the centre remains in a clean & tidy state upon departure. Leave all rooms as you find them, any moved furniture replaced to its original location.  An extra fee may be charged if any room requires additional cleaning.
  12. If your group has linen provided by PCH, on morning of departure ensure your members remove sheets & pillowcases only leaving doona cover on.  Smooth over mattress protectors, neatly fold doonas and blankets.  Assisting us in this way helps us to keep our accommodation costs to a minimum.
  13. If you provide your own linen, smooth over mattress protectors and leave the bedding as found upon arrival.
  14. Informing members of their group that the North Shore bushland is an area prone to ticks & Funnel Web Spiders.
  15. Respecting our Non-Smoking community: anyone smoking is to move at least 20m away from any buildings.
  16. Use of candles is by prior agreement only.
  17. Reporting any Broken Items or Maintenance needs to reception so that we can have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible.
  18. Photocopying can be done at reception at a mutually convenient time. Copies are charged at 50 cents per A4 page (white) or $2 per A4 page (colour). Document requiring printing may be emailed to Peter Canisius House staff as our staff will not accept disks or USB sticks from guests for use in Canisius computers.

* I have read the above Terms and Conditions and agree to all as the Coordinator of the booking.



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